Friday, January 7, 2011

A Post-Christmas Update

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I meant to update during winter break but somehow never got around to it.

So I'm back at school now, I've been back since Monday evening and I'm so happy to be back! Winter break was good, it was really chill and I didn't do anything too exciting. My grandma came out from New Jersey to stay with us over break so that was good, and I got to hang with Lizzy and my sister and my friends a lot so that was good. And yeah, nothing too exciting but it was nice and relaxing. I got to go to VC and play on Sundays a few times too! That was really really good :)

Well, a new quarter has started at school, and so far it's been really good! I'm taking General Chemistry II, which is going a lot better than General Chemistry I. My professor actually gives us her powerpoint slides and such before class so we can focus on what she's teaching instead of trying to take notes the entire class, and she explains the subject matter a whole lot better and relates it to real life. Plus we do lots of practice problems in class, which is really helpful! I'm also taking Calculus II with the same professor, which is really good because I feel like I learn calculus really well from him and I like him as a teacher. My third class is another seminar class, this time on the arts and the christian community. We look at music, books and art and see how the christian community shapes these things and how both shape us. We get to go on field trips too! We're going to the Seattle Art Museum and seeing an opera at Seattle Center and all kinds of different things.

My last two classes are music classes, I'm in Gospel Choir again which I love, and I'm now in Worship Arts Ensemble. The professor directing the Worship Arts cadre I was in last quarter also teaches the Worship Arts Ensemble class, and this class leads worship for the chapels and different church services on campus. He decided to merge our cadre with the class so we can learn and be trained by the upperclassmen in the class and be a part of the ensemble in the coming years. It's pretty intimidating to be with students who know so much about music and performing, but I feel like I'm going to learn so much by being in this class, it's a great opportunity. I'm also a little worried about how much time that the class takes, with the performances and such, and I'm going to be very much relying on God this quarter to get through all of that. But I'm excited for it and excited for where God is going to put me with the class!

Finals went very well last quarter. I studied my butt off for my chemistry final and ended up getting a B on it, which raised my grade high enough to get a B in the class! I was so excited when I found out, I literally ran though the house screaming! I did well on my seminar final too and got an A+ in the class, and I got a B+ in my calculus class too. So overall, I'm very very happy with how I did last quarter, and hopefully this quarter I will do even better :)

I'm still looking around for a church, but I know that God will place me where he wants me to be and I'm not worried. I'm going to try Horizon Foursquare on Sunday, and I will hopefully be taking the bus down Sunday evening to go to the Village Chapel night of worship, which I'm pretty excited about :)

Well, it's midnight and I have a 9:30 class tomorrow morning, so I better get to bed... another update will be coming soon!

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