Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Made It To Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you had a great day of good food and great times with your family and friends. Since I'm home on break right now and I have some time, I thought I would give an update on what's going on in my life right now!

So November has been a pretty busy month at school. Lots of midterms and papers, and it's starting to get to be crunch-time for the quarter. I go back next week for the last normal week of school, and then finals are the Monday and Tuesday of the week after next. So prayers would be much appreciated during the next 2 weeks, especially in chemistry!

I'm having the most trouble in that class, chemistry. My professor is brand-new at teaching, and while he is a wonderful guy, he's not a very experienced teacher, and I feel like I barely understand anything that's going on in the class. I'm studying my butt off right now in preparation for the final and just to keep up with the class. It's kinda weird, I thought that chem would be the easiest class for me this quarter because I had chemistry in high school and it all came so easily to me in high school. Maybe that's why I ended up having so much trouble in the class, because I underestimated it. It makes me nervous too. I keep asking myself how I'm supposed to be a chemistry major if I can't even pass general chemistry. But then I have to tell myself that God has a plan, and if I'm supposed to be a chemistry major it will all work out. My mom tells me that if I don't do well in the class I can always take it over again, but I would rather not take the class again if I don't have to. I would rather do well in it the first time around. So many prayers would be appreciated for that!

My other 2 classes are challenging, but not as challenging as chemistry and I am enjoying them a lot more. Calculus has actually been a really fun class so far. In high school it was so much more stressful because I didn't have the good trigonometry foundation that I got last spring. Now that I understand everything, I really like calculus. And my professor is hilarious, he's asian-american and once you get used to his accent, he says the funniest things and he also makes a lot of sense. I hated him at first because he's a notation nazi and is really particular about how you write the problems, but now I feel that his attention to these notations have helped me to learn the material a lot better, and I really like the class. I have him next quarter for calculus II and I'm actually really excited about it. And I feel like math may be a fallback for me if I don't end up doing chemistry. We'll see what God has for me though :)

And my college seminar class has been really interesting! It's all about the study of energy and renewable fuels. We've looked at electric cars and windmills and all of that stuff, and it turns out that nuclear may be the best option for energy for the future, which I hadn't even thought about. And there's so many myths and perceptions about nuclear that many people, including myself, have had that just aren't true, and nuclear really does make sense. Who knows, maybe I'll be helping companies develop nuclear power plants in the future after I get out of school? That would be pretty cool! But anyways, it's been a really interesting class to be in.

I've had the opportunity to get involved on campus with music and it's been a great experience so far. I joined the Gospel Choir on campus and the Worship Arts Cadre, which I've talked about in past posts and is still going well. In fact, next quarter I get to take a class where the members of my Worship Arts Cadre get to work with the SPU worship team on campus and learn from them, and I'm so excited for it!

Living in Hill has been a wonderful experience. I love my roommates, and we're getting along so well! Plus the girls on my floor all feel like my sisters, I feel like I have a second family at school that are always there for me. Add the boys on the brother floor across from us and all my friends on other floors, and I now have the biggest and best group of friends that anyone can ask for! Anytime that I need help or a study buddy or just someone to hang out with, I have a large group of people that I can go to.

I miss all my friends at school right now, but it's been wonderful being home this weekend. It's been very relaxed and nice to be with everyone, and it's been a great break from the constant studying! I'm excited to hang with my family and friends this weekend, and also play with Lindsay on Sunday at VC! It's been months since I've played with Linds and I'm so excited to be there!

Since I have not been able to get down to VC, I've been trying to find a church to go to while I'm at school. I've tried a few and liked some of them, and I'm still trying others before I find one to go to regularly. Or maybe I won't find one to go to regularly and just go wherever my roommates go, we'll see what God does and where he wants me to be. I'm not worried about it though :)

It's actually been a really great week with all the snow and everything. Afternoon classes got cancelled on Monday, and then Tuesday and Wednesday SPU closed for school. So it's pretty much been a party all week at school! After classes closed on Monday, a group of my friends on the floor and I walked to Fremont in the falling snow, which was amazing and so much fun!

Then Monday night, we ended up going sledding at 11:30 at night... crazy stuff that I've never done before, but hey it's college and you're only here once right? :)
On Tuesday, we walked downtown and went shopping at Westlake and Pike's Place, and then ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Once we found out that classes were cancelled on Wednesday, a lot of us went home early, including me. Since my parents were having trouble getting out of my neighborhood, I took the bus home into Renton. So now I'm home! Which, like I said, has been wonderful :)

Well, since finals start a week from Monday, I will probably be getting rid of facebook and social networking once I get back to school and until finals are over and Christmas break starts. So I'll update everyone again once I'm on break! Have a fabulous next few weeks everyone!

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