Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Report from camp and sad day :(

Well hello there! I guess it's been 2 weeks now since I last blogged, which is quite awhile. And lots of stuff has happened!

First of all, Camp! It was an amazing camp, God moved in everyone's life so much! And I really enjoyed leading worship for everyone, even if I lost my voice from not using my diaphragm to sing the first night since it was out of shape. But really, camp was so much more than I was expecting. Mary and I walked away with a whole new family. I was kinda expecting to just be there to lead worship and then Mary and I would be on our own, but the Bethel Family Fellowship youth really invited us in to be a part of their group, and it was a wonderful experience. I feel like I have a whole new set of friends! Which is perfect seeing as Mary and I didn't get to go to a camp this year. So God really blessed the two of us in this opportunity as we got to go to a camp! We're returning on Sunday to do worship, they're having a youth service this Sunday so that should be good. Plus bonfires on Sunday!
Here's a picture of everyone at camp. Oh yeah, I finally got my own digital camera so I took so many pictures and videos! They're all on my facebook page here: Camp Shingledecker Photos 2010

So yeah, camp was awesome!

But now I'm back in working land... but I can't believe I only have 2 more weeks! This summer went by so fast. It's kinda sad that it's all ending, but I'm glad HMAC is almost over cause I don't know how much longer I could have taken it! And I really want to go off to school, I'm so excited to move in!

Speaking of school, this is the sad day part... I had to say goodbye to Lizzy tonight :( she leaves for NAU in the morning. We've been best friends since 7th grade, 5 years... and now I won't see her until Christmas at the lastest, hopefully in October though! It's sad, I've never gone more than a month without seeing her and now it's going to be months and months! At least we have skype and all that to keep in touch, but it's still really tough. We went out tonight and got pedicures and saw Vampires Suck, which was sooooo funny! And we updated our friendship bracelets, here's a picture of the friendship ribbon addition:

And everyone around me is panicking... someone said today that this is panic week! All the younger ones are realizing that school starts next week for them and they all have to get ready and see the friends they said they would hang out with but never did, and then my friends are all leaving for college... and I'm just chilling here, waiting with a month left until school starts. I mean it feels nice to have a month left and not to be panicking like everyone else is... but I really want to go to school! And not have to say goodbye to my friends :(

Oh well, it'll come soon enough. I'll just have to keep on being patient!


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