Sunday, September 5, 2010

Continuing the long wait

Hi there! Well, the past week and a half has been kinda boring, but not too bad. It's hard when your best friends leave for college and go back to school though, I have no one to play with :(

I mean, it wasn't too bad since I was still working... but HMAC ends tomorrow, and then I have 2 and a half weeks until move-in day. I guess I'll have shopping and packing and such to do, but it doesn't seem like that will take 2 and a half weeks. Maybe I'm wrong though. I'm not bummed to have all the free time, don't get me wrong. Working all summer has been crazy and tiring, so it'll be nice to have some time to myself. But now there's no one to play with me :(

And the anticipation for college is just killing me... it's like moving day is never going to get here! I just wanna move in and go to college, is that so much to ask?! Today was cool though, I got to meet my roommates! We talked for an hour and a half today, and I really really like them. Molly and Rachel are awesome! I think Rachel and I are even going to go watch Molly's last horse show next weekend. I got super lucky that I have cool roommates, we were all a little nervous about that lol! Meeting them made me even more excited to go, and it relieved a lot a anxiety about college, I'm definitely not as scared to go now that I know the people I will be living with.

Thank God for skype though! I skyped for the first time the other day with Kelsey and it was so much fun! I'm so excited to skype with Lizzy and talk about school and America's Next Top Model and such! I keep telling Mary that she should get a webcam so we can skype, but she doesn't sound as excited about it as I do. Maybe when she sees me skyping with Lizzy and see how cool it is. Because it would make this whole leaving my little sister thing a whole lot easier. I'm kinda dreading it right now, it's going to be really hard not to see her everyday like I do now. Mary get skype!

hmmmmm what else is new... well God and I have been transitioning and moving on with things from high school, shutting some doors and such. Thinking about getting rid of my myspace... no one's ever on it anymore, but it also has my blog from my entire high school days, and I'd really like to keep that for the memories and the lessons learned... maybe I'll just keep my myspace for that but like only check it once a month? That doesn't sound too difficult.

Only 18 more days! Now I just gotta get though HMAC tomorrow...

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