Sunday, October 17, 2010

Here we are!

A month and a half after my last post.... ahaha life just seemed boring until school started, and then once school started things got crazy!

Well, today is Sunday, and I'm sitting here alone in my dorm room because one roommate went home, and the other went to church with her sister this morning and hasn't gotten back... which is okay because I was gone all weekend too at home! Probably going to study a lot after I'm done with this, I have midterms next week.... which doesn't make any sense, seeing as we have 10 week quarters and we've only had 3 weeks of school.

But enough about what I'm doing today, time to talk about life at college!

I love being here at SPU! There are so many great things about it that I don't even know where to start. The people here are wonderful, I've only known everyone for 3 weeks, but it already feels like these people are my family. The floor that I live on in the dorm is wonderful and they all feel like sisters to me, and the boys across the lobby from us are all like brothers, we call them our brother floor. And at any moment during the day you can go up and down the stairs on both the boy's and girl's sides of the floor and there are people there to welcome you and talk and hang out. It's a great community! And the best part is that most of them are christ-centered people. They are here for the same reason, to take what they learn and bring it to the world along with the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is an amazing goal and one that I'm hoping to succeed in one day. We have our all-hall retreat next weekend at Camp Casey and I'm really really excited for it!

Classes are challenging, but I really enjoy them too. I'm taking General Chemistry, Calculus I, and University Seminar: Energy Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Chemistry and calculus are difficult, but mostly just because of the pace that the class is moving at. Both classes are on things that I learned in high school already, but we're moving at such a fast pace that it feels like a fast-moving car speeding right by me! And I have a lab section for my chemistry class that is sometimes fun, but mostly very stressful and difficult. But luckily it's only once a week so I get it over with and just try not to think about it the rest of the week! And I'm not super happy about my calculus class because my professor speaks in an asian accent that is really difficult to understand and teaches all the problems from powerpoint, which is not my learning style at all... I wish I had my calculus teacher from high school that I didn't like! But luckily it's all review, so I'll hopefully be able to come out on top. And I love my energy class! It's so interesting, we're learning about different types of energy such as nuclear power and solar energy and coal, and discussing what our options really are for the future of our world. I'm really enjoying the subject matter! I'm doing well in my classes, but I haven't had any tests in them yet so it's hard to know for sure... after my tests this week, we'll see how I'm really doing!

And outside of class, I'm really trying to get involved with music and worship. I joined Gospel Choir and I'm really enjoying it! The music is not at all what I'm used to, but I love it and I love trying to learn the different harmony parts. And my director is so cool! He really knows what he's doing and has a heart for worship. I'm also in a worship club here that is for freshmen trying to get involved with worship on campus, and my choir director is the director for the club too... I just want to be around him all the time, he knows so much about worship and music and I know that there's so much I can learn from him. In the club, he basically had us go around and introduce ourselves, then let us go off as a worship team with an assignment, to plan a 30-minute worship service that would be held 2 weeks later. It was a pretty intimidating assignment, seeing as I had just met the members on my worship team about 5 minutes before and now we had to work together to plan and perform a whole service, but I'm having a great time being involved in worship again and I love it!

Speaking of worship, I got to play on the worship team this morning at church! It was so much fun playing with Jen and her team and wonderful to play on a worship team after so many months. I really missed playing! I'm hoping as I'm going on in my college life that there will be more opportunities to be on worship teams and play, but I'm not really sure where God wants we church-wise yet, my heart is still with Village Chapel but God wants me to be a part of the community and the people up here in Seattle and school, so I'm not sure where I'm going to end up, which is okay seeing as it's only the 4th week of school. Still praying about it, still trying places out... I know that wherever God places me it's going to be perfect and wonderful :)

This has been the craziest week ever... I got super sick last weekend and slept all day last Sunday, and was still getting over the cold all last week. I still have a little bit left that I'm fighting off today! But hopefully I'll go to bed early tonight and will be all good tomorrow, and the rest of the week and all! I really miss home though, which seems really sad seeing as I'm only 20 miles away... but it's hard being away from my family. I really miss them and being at home. And going home this weekend was really great! I can't wait to go home again, because I really miss it... but I have to stay strong, I have to just ignore the fear and the homesickness and keep going. I don't know how I would ever survive at an out of state school or even Western or WSU, especially after being sick last week. It was kind of a scary week. But it's all good.

So yeah, I'm having a great time and God is doing great things! I'll post soon about more things that are going on :)

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